Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Dec 29th

Today's best moment was surely going hermit-crab shopping with Laura. I think that's pretty self explanatory ;)


While checking up on headlines - I am TERRIBLE about popping onto several times a day to ensure that the world hasn't exploded since I last checked, usually by catching up on entertainment, odd, science, and health news; like any of that has squat to do with global annihilation ;) - I ran across a health article that critiqued the best of the diets currently out there. Their #1 pick was The Structure House Weight Loss Plan from The Structure House in North Carolina. (I've tried linking up the book and site, but it just isn't working. Their site is

Anyway, I'm a firm believer that there's more to this weight-loss thing than 'eat less, exercise more', because the problem isn't my tummy, it's my freaking BRAIN. It looks like the Structure House plan addresses the wayward 'gimme nummies and lemme sit around like a slug!!' brain as its primary focus. So I ordered the book. I'll let folks know how it goes. :)

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